Sharda’s strong presence in Latin America and EU gives us the opportunity to bring unique formulations to the South African farmer.  The portfolio consists of older, proven molecules and formulations, as well as new  innovative molecule  combinations.

Herbicide use constitutes more than 50% of the total crop protection portfolio worldwide. Effective weed control has a direct impact on food production and quality- hence a focussed drive from Sharda Intl. Africa to offer quality herbicides, frequently used in South Africa, to the farmer.   Sharda Cropchem LTD are on the forefront to register combination molecules and counter weed resistance-thereby providing solutions to the farmer in managing resistant weeds.

Sharda’s portfolio of Insecticides is aimed to provide crop protection solutions for the South African farmer. The Sharda basket contains a comprehensive list of insecticides registered for use in South Africa.  It is a combination of old and new generic molecules where we tap into Sharda’s  global presence, and have these new formulations available for the African farmer.

Sharda has entered the fertiliser arena. It presents a balance that complements the crops nutrition in

the vegetative development stages, and contains the microelements that the plant needs in chelated or mineral form.



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